Stepping into Balance Strategies to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

In order to relax, focus, and learn with ease .

Stress is the basis of most everything that can go awry in the body, including brain function. It is important to reduce internal and external stressors in the body in order to help restore health and cognitive function.

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A MUST if Anxiety, panic attacks, and a sense of being ungrounded is the issueThis master class is all about anxiety and panic attacks, including physiological mechanisms behind it, supplementation and other interventions that will support it and a bank of cognitive drills specific to down-regulating the amygdala. This is a one-time low add-on price.

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There is a way to finally help children and adults struggling with stress and overwhelm.

If you or your kids are stressed, this is for you!

I created this master class to help those of you experiencing a myriad of cognitive issues.

If you are stressed and in a state of overwhelm, your brain cannot work properly. However, your body can also be stressed from many other things besides emotions, therefore you may not even think that you are stressed. Learn what these stressors are and what to do about them.

My mission is to help you and your loved ones have calm and happy lives by sharing best practices, tips, and tricks I've learned through my own research and experience.

Sign up today and I'll share with you:

✔️ Major factors that are underlying stress and overwhelm

✔️ Understanding the physiological responses of stress

✔️ How toxins and foods affect brain health

✔️ Simple changes you can make to reduce stress

✔️ Easy and effective strategies for reducing stress

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Lisa Ann de Garcia Is the founder of Whole Child Learning and Wellness, an educational and wellness center focusing on children who struggle with learning, behavior and motor issues. As a former educator/learning specialist of 25 years and a mother of an adult child with autism, she has learned a plethora of modalities that she blends in order to serve the needs of the whole child, including developmental mathematics, neurodevelopment, functional neurology, cognitive training, nutritional support, and energetic balancing.

In addition to working privately with families, Lisa Ann also teaches workshops and courses to parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with struggling children.

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